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All About Us

Our more than 15 years of professional engineering experience has allowed us to serve a multitude of industries, including Paper, Cardboard, Rubber, Food and Drinks Packaging, Wood, Textile, Plastic etc to customize according to their industrial needs. Anything from Guillotine Knives to Slitter Knives to Customizable Moulds and Highly Precisioned Materials we can make. Feel free to drop a drawing of your item through email, and we'll get back to you within less than a day!


Why Choose Kalung Metalindo

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Customer Service - We pride ourselves in maintaining a responsive customer service experience because we care for what our customers have to say. In addition, we are available for consultation for the best materials and dimensions needed for you

Budget Adjustments - Sometimes, whats good for one customer dosen't always fit with another. Contact us to see whats best for your needs and consult according to your budget

Product Quality - Our experienced team ensures high quality and high precisioned items at all times, go to our Products page to learn more!

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